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Laser Scanning

GPS Onsite have been providing Terrestrial Laser Scanning, drone based LiDAR and high resolution Mobile Mapping & Scanning for many years. We offer these high-end solutions throughout NSW.

  • Terrestrial laser scanning
  • Airborne LiDAR scanning and mapping – drone and helicopter
  • Mobile mapping and scanning
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Aerial LiDAR Survey

We provide drone based LiDAR and high resolution imagery capture throughout NSW for many years. Due to recent advances in the technology  and increased efficiency we have introduced manned helicopter LiDAR capture in partnership with Precision Helicopters. We are very happy to offer this high end solution in our region and welcome any inquiries for your existing or upcoming projects.

  • High detail, high accuracy and coloured data
  • Efficient capture over challenging topography
  • Access to areas typically restricted to drones (populated areas, aerodromes, higher altitudes)
  • Very effective in capturing ground data in vegetation due to the many laser pulse returns (5 to 32 returns)
  • Capture to MGA coordinates
  • Traditional survey services available to ensure a complete data set is achieved
  • Data reduction and digitising to create 3D models and CAD data suitable for design and analysis
Airborne LiDar Helicopter - GPS Onsite
New Dungowan Dam detail surveys (SMEC)
Georeferenced 3D Map
3D Georeferenced Map

Georeferenced 3D maps

Our 3D mapping services can help architects, engineers, designers, and project managers to easily visualise and design in 3D space. Georeferenced digital maps are being used increasingly frequently in the construction industry, as they allow designers and planners to visualise the job site in 3D form, making it easier for them to achieve their project goals. Large spaces can be quickly recreated in digital form with photographs and laser scan data, providing an overall picture of existing infrastructure, building heights, surface levels, and more.

3D Laser scanning: if you can see it, you can scan it.

3D laser scanning is ideal for capturing quarries, stockpiles, bridges, houses, machinery, large commercial buildings, and more. Large and often inaccessible areas with complex geometry can be mapped quickly by combining multiple scans together to create a complete 3D map of the space in coloured point cloud form. From this, an endless amount of information can be extracted in a variety of formats. Laser scanning is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to acquire spatial data for infrastructure design.

We use a cutting-edge terrestrial laser scanner capable of capturing one million points per second at an industry-leading level of precision and accuracy.

Powerlines 3D Laser Scan
3D Laser Scanning Excavator
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