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Traditional, GNSS & GPS Surveying

GPS Onsite has a rich history of providing traditional, GNSS, and GPS surveying services including detail and aerial surveys, 3D mapping, and consulting.

GPS Onsite has been performing a range of surveying services on the Coffs Coast and many other areas across NSW. We have a great understanding of project needs, plus a wide range of specialist surveying equipment and surveying software that enables us to capture and process site data quickly. Our efficient capture methods provide economical outcomes and fast turnaround times for data handover.

NSW – Australia

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GPS Onsite

Surveying Services include:

  • Monitoring
  • Setout, pick up and as built surveys
  • Volume survey/calculations
  • Pavement conformance
  • Detail surveys
  • Roads, residential, farms, carparks and subdivision
  • Control establishment
  • Utility surveys
GPS Onsite Quarry Survey 3D Model
GPS-Onsite Detail Survey Plan Drawing
We have a range of

Survey systems & software packages including:

  • Total stations
  • GPS base and rovers
  • Terrestrial laser scanner
  • Unmanned aerial systems (drones)
  • Manned aerial system
  • Trimble Business system
  • 12D Model
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