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About Us

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Our experience in performing surveys that are ideal for design and then being able to setup sites to utilise 3D GPS would be a great advantage on your projects. Performing construction setout, as built and reporting is also no problem.

We have a great safe work history and offer a diverse range of services. Our work methods often involve using the very latest ‘cutting edge’ equipment and software which generally offers improved economy, quality, detail, turn around time and safety.


Equipment hire, hire to buy & purchase

In addition to providing survey services we can also supply laser, survey and machine control equipment for hire, hire to buy and outright purchase. Our great understanding of the equipment and sites enables us to provide great training and support of these systems, which may help the construction teams be more self sufficient and reduce delays.

Laser Equipment

Survey Equipment

Machine Control Equipment

GPS Onsite Drone

GPS Onsite Services – Brief Overview

Traditional Survey

Total Station and GPS – Roads, slopes, topography, features, setout, pickup

Laser Scanning

Terrestrial Laser Scanner – High detail, high accuracy point cloud capture for detail survey, monitoring, safe capture of challenging locations, as built survey, fast capture

In House Processing

Designs, machine control models, scan data – Aerial, mobile, TLS

Drone Survey (LiDAR or Photogrammetry)

Roads, slopes, vegetation, catchments, imagery, mapping, as built survey, safe/fast  capture in challenging terrain

Mobile Mapping

High density, coloured, accurate point cloud and imagery capture. Urban environments, inside and outside of buildings, fast capture, high detail, 3D features, and BIM models can be generated from this data including as built survey capture

Airbourne LiDAR/ Laser Scanning and Imagery

High detail, high accuracy point clouds captured from Riegl scanner and camera fitted to Bell helicopter. Suitable for dense vegetation, poor access locations, Road/corridor mapping, forest and catchments

Time Lapse Capture & Production

Site construction time lapse recording and professional production for stakeholder and community progress/outcome sharing – Remote access cameras, multiple output formats, quarterly progress production video release

Laser Calibration and Certification

Rotating laser, pipe laser and dumpy levels

Utility Investigation

Relocation planning, concept design, coordination

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