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3D Reality Modelling

At GPS Onsite, we are experts in digitising the world around us. One of our most frequently delivered services is creating 3D reality models using photogrammetry techniques and terrestrial laser scanning. We integrate traditional survey data with our industry-leading equipment and software to create lifelike digital models of existing infrastructure and natural features, ranging from complicated building interiors to heritage-listed sites and natural wonders.

  • Terrestrial laser scanning
  • Airborne LiDAR scanning and mapping – drone and helicopter
  • Mobile mapping and scanning
Laser Scanning

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Reality Modelling for Site Preservation

There are a seemingly endless number of historical places dotted around Australia and the rest of the world, including old timber truss bridges, heritage-listed homes, natural wonders like Uluru, and other culturally significant areas. Sadly, these places are gradually disappearing or being damaged due to age, development, and vandalism. Capturing significant sites in 3D model form ensures that a true-to-scale, highly detailed and coloured record exists for the years to come.

For many years, photographs and video have been the preferred visual medium used for historic recording. 3D maps and reality models take digital site preservation to a new level, allowing users to experience these places with a high level of detail either on-screen, in virtual reality (VR) or even 3D-printed form.

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